Hi, my name is Sayra Lopez & I am an
Interaction & UX Designer at Google.

My Projects

Let me introduce myself

I am originally from Mexico, but I moved to the USA to get my B.A. in Fine Arts from The University of Pennsylvania. I spent eight years in Philadelphia, but relocated to London about a year ago. I have been doing design for over nine years, yet I am constantly looking to learn new things and improve my skills. In my spare time, I am either either cooking spicy food or lifting heavy weights in the gym. During the day, you'll find me at Google, where I am working as an Interaction Designer in the Customer Engagement UX team.


UX/UI Design
Intraction Design
Mobile Applications
Web Development
Design Consulting


Objective C


  • User Experience

    User Experience

  • Web Design

    Product Design

  • Mobile Aplications

    Mobile App Design

  • Graphic Design

    UI/Visual Design

  • Web Design

    Web Development

  • Consulting

    UX/UI Consulting


The projects below are from before 2016.
Due to the nature of the work that I do, my recent projects can't be publicly shared and are therefore not shown below. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss what I have been doing in the past year.


“In all my experience as a front end web developer, I have not had the privilege to work with a web UI/UX designer as talented, driven, and collaborative as Sayra López. I build user interfaces for a living, and nothing inspires me more than beautiful, usable design. Add to that a consideration for development implications and browser capabilities, and I'm in a position to be my happiest and my absolute most productive. Sayra's work is all of the above. Beyond pure design, she has a senior eye for app-level usability and design direction, the ability to mock her designs in HTML/CSS/JS, the collaborative spirit of a true teammate, and the attitude of a leader. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”
– Ian Stewart, Front End Engineer at Squareknot

“Outstanding! Here's what Sayra does: Creates like an artist, Plans like an engineer, Adapts, iterates and influences like a product manager. At heart, she's a "maker" and that's what you probably need :) I'd recommend her any day”
– Facundo Villaveiran, Product Manager, DogBuddy


Get in touch

Shoot me a message if you're looking for an awesome designer or developer for your next project! I am always on the lookout for interesting freelance projects. You can also email me at lopez.sayra@gmail.com.

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