Step Into Your Own

Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development

This website was created for my internship project at Phillips Van Heusen back in 2011. We were assigned a brand and we had to come up with a marketing campaign to target a new demographic. As part of the team, I was in charge of designing and developing the website, taking into account how it would relate to our campaign. At the end of our internship, we presented our campaign to the CEO and the executives of PVH. We got very positive feedback and some of our ideas were implemented in some of their campaigns after that.

Although this project is about four years old, it is on my portfolio because I am very proud of the work I did and all the learning that came with it. Even though there are things I would change today, I think overall the design still stands the test of time. The website was built utilizing HTML, CSS3, JQuery and Masonry.

This was our proposal for the project:

The goal of this project is to re-establish Bass as a classic American brand in the minds of consumers — one that provides high quality, high value footwear. Bass has a rich heritage, which will serve to strengthen its position as a classic brand. Icons such as musical artist, Michael Jackson, actor, James Dean, and aviator, Charles Lindbergh, have all left their mark on history while wearing Bass shoes. We plan on incorporating these as well as current day figures in our campaign to encourage our new target market to “Step Into Their Own” and leave their individual mark on history with Bass shoes. Though this campaign will have a multi-generational appeal, our primary target market will be young upper-middle class men and women between ages 18-30, who represent an opportunity for Bass to gain loyalty with a larger customer base. These young people are currently coming into their own as they make preparations to enter college or start a career and create their future; they are trying to define themselves. While their minds, talents, and relationships will take them where they want to go in life, their feet will literally take them there.