UX/UI Design for both the web and native mobile application.

Ishqr is a dating platform that connects young and multi-faceted Muslims.

For this project I was in charge of all the UX/UI work for Ishqr's mobile and web application. Although they did not have a mobile application, their website already had about 5,000 active users. The task was go create a new design that would carry through cohesively between a new website and a new iOS application. The app has been approved by the app store and we are just waiting to finish the website to launch in October, 2015.

Since this demographic really values privacy, I had to come up with a way to allow users to upload avatars and photos, but keep them hidden from others if they chose to. The solution, as you see below, is a tap and hold that allows users to view photos of those who have allowed them to, but only if they opt into the public photo option themselves. Since the app aims to connect people in a more personal level and not just based on looks, I wanted to create something that would allow users to quickly go back and read more about who they were messaging. So, when viewings someone's profile, the user can swipe left to reveal the messages tab and the same can be done when directly messaging a user.