PARLO Tracker

Wireframes, User Experience, Web Application Design, Web Development

This project consisted on creating wireframes and designing a grading tracker application for 21PSTEM. I took over the project after one of my good friends who was working on it passed away. When I started, a few black and white wireframes had been created based on a responsive Bootstrap admin template. I was in charge of finishing all the wireframing, as well as coming up with colors and a final design for the application. After the designs were approved, I worked on the stylesheets that were created utilizing LESS (per the client's request).

I went through a detailed review process with the client that consisted of ongoing communication and calls to ensure they were happy with the product. Being that the application provides a new way to grade students, which is quite complex, a lot of though had to be put into the interactions of each different user (teacher, student, administrator, parent). There was already an existing application that was already in use by some schools, so although this was a complete redesign and restructuring, the same functionality had to carry over. The application will work both on desktop and iPads.