Espagueti a la diabla

Print, Exhibition, Senior Thesis

My work deals with a search for cultural identity and perpetuation of heritage in the midst of violence and change. It explores the juxtaposition of cultural continuity and breakdown; actions that differ in intention and emotion but that exist simultaneously. While my pieces aim to preserve memories of an older generation, they also deal with the dilution of tradition brought on by external disruptions. In the end, I want to convey feelings of nostalgia and reverence for cultural tradition, in spite of ongoing issues of violence and disorder.

Recipes were handwritten by my two grandmothers. Violent images come from the Mexican newspaper Extra! Any other imagery is from personal family albums. This project won the UPenn 2012 Rose Award which recognizes outstanding undergraduate research projects completed by graduating seniors under the supervision of a Penn faculty member.

You can preview the book here. Some of the images are quite graphic so please view at your own discretion.